Culling is inhumane (Warning: graphic images)

The methods used: Drum lines hook and catch sharks using bait. These drum lines are checked irregularly for the presence of sharks, who are then supposed to be measured and shot if over a certain size. However, it is often too late for the sharks caught, who usually die from stress.

Why it is inhumane:

Sharks caught on drum lines or in nets suffer a slow, painful death.

100% of hammerheads caught will die of stress within just one  hour of capture. Spinner and dusky sharks also have very low survival rates within the first few hours of being hooked. Sharks that are hooked, not shot, and subsequently are released also do not necessarily survive.

“The greynurse shark will most probably die over time if hooked in the gut and then released. Stainless steel hooks do not rust out but become encapsulated in the tissue over time, causing starvation, wasting of the body (known as cachexia), and eventual death.”- The Conversation

Sharks are also attacked and eaten alive by other sharks whilst they are hooked on baited drum lines. As previously explored, this is another reason why culling is ineffective, as it draws other sharks to the area as a food source. This causes obvious amounts of pain and distress to the sharks who are unable to get away. 

GALLERY: The following photos show the extent of culling. WARNING: Images may be disturbing to some viewers.

Great white with shark bites.jpg

Above photo: Sharks are often eaten alive by other sharks whilst hooked on baited drum lines, causing extreme pain and a slow death. Credit: Shark Attack News








The above photos show the process of catching and measuring sharks that have been caught on drum lines. Unfortunately, it is often all too late for these sharks.  Credit: Stefen Andrews, nadineishere and Sea Shepherd

Feature Photo: @oneoceandiving



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