When we cull sharks, we cull other species too

Non-selective methods such as netting and baited drum lines are the primary approach to culling in Australia. These techniques are non-discriminating, which means that other threatened species such as dolphins, turtles and dugongs, are also killed in the process.

According to research, between 1950 – 2008, 577 great whites and 352 tiger sharks were caught in NSW nets. Over this period 15,135 OTHER marine animals were caught. 

It also revealed that in a 12 month period up to 2014, 100 animal species other than sharks were caught in Queensland’s cull program.

This is a clear and major issue as it threatens extinction for many other marine species. Australia is home to a diverse range of marine species, often found nowhere else on earth. This means that our potential in heavily affecting the future of these animals relies on our behaviour.

In our cool blue south, an incredible 80% of the marine species living in our temperate oceans occur nowhere else on Earth. 


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